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Motivational Interviewing for Disease Intervention Providers

Motivational Interviewing can be helpful in moving people to make healthier decisions and overcoming barriers to change. This course will provide disease intervention providers with an opportunity to recognize ambivalence around adopting safer health practices and offer some strategies, tools and techniques that can be used to support people in making healthier decisions for improved wellness.


STI/HIV Interview Series: Overview of STI/HIV Interviewing

In this course, you will be introduced to NNDITC’s new STI/HIV Interview format with an emphasis on the introduction component. You will learn new concepts associated with interviewing people diagnosed with an STI or HIV and participate in activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Throughout this course, you will develop an effective introduction statement, calculate a person’s interview period, and respond to reactions from people being interviewed.


STI/HIV Interview Series: The Anatomy of Problem Solving During STI/HIV Interviews

This course will introduce you to problem solving models to strengthen your problem-solving skills when interacting with those you serve. Throughout this course, you will have opportunities to strengthen your confidence level to problem solve by applying various problem-solving models to motivate others to take-action. You will learn how to apply the Assertiveness Model, LOVER Model, and CHART while participating in instructor demonstrations,case scenarios, and roleplays. Please be prepared to stay for the entire program to receive a certificate of completion. Role-play as a skill-building strategy is utilized and required of all who attend, and this course is intended for disease intervention professionals and other disease intervention providers.


STI/HIV Interview Series: Sexual/Drug Sharing Partner & Social Network Contact Elicitation: A Deeper Dive

Participants will learn what social-sexual networks are, discuss disease transmission within a network, and explore a framework for contact elicitation. Using case-studies, participants will have an opportunity to practice developing questions they will ask to support elicitation of people who could benefit from testing and treatment services.

Maintaining Personal Safety During Field Notifications

This course is a proactive response to the increasing potential for incidents of
violence and threats of injury for Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) who conduct in-person partner notification services, outreach, and other public health-related activities in the field and communities they serve.